Terra Renton - Director, Producer, Writer

With an undergraduate degree in cultural studies from McGill University and a master’s degree in journalism from The University of Western Ontario, Terra is a Gemini award winning producer and journalist. After working in the business for several years, she created Pterodactyl Productions Inc. in order to develop television and film content devoted to women’s issues that does not involve makeovers, baking or home decor. Terra teamed up with world-class editor  and all around great guy Jonathon Stewart, whom she worked with in Toronto on the internationally successful adventure show Mantracker, to create Generation Baby Buster. She currently resides once again in her hometown of Calgary where she is rediscovering floating down the Elbow river, drinking beers at the ship, and talking to complete strangers because they're just so friendly.


Jonathon Stewart - Editor, Producer

Jonathon Stewart was born in the land of nickel - Sudbury, Ontario. He got his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of British Columbia, then quickly realized he needed a skill so he went to Seneca College where he learned to edit. Jon loves editing.

He toiled as an assistant editor for a few years then got a break working on a great fishing series called "Hooked with Mark Krupa" - where he met Terra Renton the shows Series Producer.  From there, both Jon and Terra went on to Produce and Edit the Gemini Award winning series "Mantracker." Who doesn't enjoy working with smart, creative people with a zeal for originality? Jon has been lucky, because for the last 7 years he's been working with people who possess these qualities. The creative, collaborative process can be an incredible experience and Jon found working with Terra on "Generation Baby Buster" to be exactly that.


Dorothea Tachler - Composer

Dorothea Tachler is a musician and composer who was born and raised in Munich, Germany. After finishing her degree in classical music there, she played and sang around the world with German, Japan and U.S. based bands covering the musical spectrum from Indie Rock, Avantgarde/Experimental, Pop, Shoegaze, Surf/Rock’n’Roll, Jazz, Gipsy-Jazz, Bluegrass, Ambient and Electronic Music.

Touring the world led her to New York where she started her Solo Project "My Favourite Things" as well as composing music for films,  besides several other music projects.




Isabel Nadal


Marta Anais Garcia Hermosilla