Written, Directed and Produced by

 Terra Renton

Produced and Edited by

 Jonathon Stewart

Technical Supervisor

Mark Schindler


Eric Schurman

Additional Cinematographers

Philippe Rodiers

Kevin Curran 

Zoltan Deak

David Larkins

Brian Lilla

Claudio Manni

Stacey Mantzioris

Terra Renton

Adam Schurman

Jonathon Stewart

Zach Zohr

Music Composer

Dorothea Tachler

Re-recording mixer and Sound Designer

Stephen Cabana


Justin Hall

Assistant Editor

Quinn Corkal

Narration sound editor

Craig Stevensen

Brave Arts estudio de grabacion


Marta Anaïs Garcia Hermosilla


Isabel Nadal


Actors (Dramatizations) 

Annie Rubio

Toni Balach

Yolanda Prieto

Beatriz Pasamon

Original Animation

Darryl Spreen

Original Graphics

Mark Schindler

Assistant Producer Australia

Zoe Harvey

Additional Animation

Tom Guthery

“Fertilization” and “Ovulation”


Paul Kerton



Nina Paley


‘The Stork is the Bird of War”


Unicef & WHO

“Baby Bubbly”


Paula Arguinzoni

Julia Glick

Sarah Koznek

Terra Renton

Marion Senjean


Terra Renton

Experts and Authors (in order of appearance)

Corinne Maier 

Madelyn Cain

Deirdre Macken

Dr. Heather Shapiro

Neil Gilbert

Ann Crittenden

Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Bonnie Fox

Dana Glazer

Gillian Ranson

Elisabeth Badinter

Christie Mellor

Lenore Skenazy

Hara Marano

Phillip Longman

Awesome men and women

Nicole and Roby Goodwin

D’Arcy Harris and Erika Vanbriel

Angie Kapetanou and Jonathon Stewart

Erin and Liz Sproule

Jill Yeung

Katherine and Jason Botchford

Victoria Gormley

Jay Greco

Kory Malone

Brad and Amanda McDougall

Saron Mitchell

Keri Mowatt

Mary Owens

Kate Poppitt

Sarah Ramsay

Janelle Roberts

Laura Scott

Tara Shoemaker

Jessie Therton

Karen Clark Lepool

Victoria Moorshead

Jenny Poppitt

Pierre Roy and Katie Edwards [?]

Lari Langley-Taylor and Jaime Taylor

Doreen Williamson

Janey Yung Perez

Babies and Kids

Avery and Nate Goodwin

Natalie May Sproule

Ava Joy Stewart

Samuel Yeung

Sienna Botchford

Jonah and Eli Clements

Axl Devries

Charlie, Jaime and Georgia Glazer

Ben Jacklin

Byron Lambert

Finn and Tegan Lepool

Sam McDougall

Charlie Mowatt

Charlotte Roy

Bella and Chloe Shoemaker

Jordan and Ryder Therton


Mountain Art

Mark Sharpe

Additional Footage

“What is Gymboree?”

Wei Christopher Li


The Evolution of Dad footage courtesy of Dana Glazer



‘From Bump to Breastfeeding’

Best Beginnings



“My first time clowning act”

Peter Muls


“Please change me”

“Cute signing baby! Baby sign language”

Laura Berg



Verizon Ying Yuen Commercial


Disco Clubbing

Phil Fried

Archival Footage

“A Surprise for Jean”

John W. Barnes and Gordon Weisenborn

Encyclopedia Britannica Films

“Babies on Parade”

Universal-International Newsreel

“Consuming Women”

Handy (Jam) Organization

Procter & Gamble

“Danger Women at Work”

A Vision Educational Production

“Financing the American Family”

Chicago Film Laboratory Inc.

“Gabby: All’s well”

Dave Fleischer

Associated Artists Productions & Famous Studios Productions

“In the Suburbs”

On Film, Inc.

Redbook Magazine

“Living Pages”

Loucks & Norling Studios

McCall’s Magazine

“Marriage Today”

Affiliated Film Producers

“Marriage is a Partnership”

Coronet Instructional Films

“Might Mouse in Wolf! Wolf!”

Film Chest Vintage Cartoons

“Molly Grows Up”

Photo & Sound Productions for Medical Arts Productions

Personal Products Corporation


“The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”

ABC Productions


“Teacher’s Pest” and “The Cobweb Hotel”

Vintage Cartoon Collection 1930s to 1950s


Virginia Slims Commercials

UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos


“Who’s Boss?”

Affiliated Film Producers


“Word to the Wives”

Telamerica, Inc.

American Gas Association, National Association of Home Builders, and the Woman’s Home Companion



Most Special Thanks to Mark Schindler without whom none of this would have been possible.



Special Thanks


Ken and Susan Renton (Mom and Dad)

Danielle Renton (Little sis)


Angie Kapetanou


Grandma and Grandpa Lowe

Auntie Judy Louden

Auntie Joan Tyson


Michelle Budden

Deborah Burgess

Liam Colle

Pablo De Vincente Lancho

Ihor Macijiwsky

Annie Rubio

Donna Schurman

Duncan Wilcock


Laura Carroll 

Laura Scott


Kevin McQuillan

Karen Robson


Dale McIntosh

Melissa Arnott

‘The Baby Time Show’


Kritsada Jirathun

Communication Section

UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office